Patients and Supporters of Mid-Main is a group that has come together because of Vancouver Coastal Health’s decision to cut the funding that allows Mid-Main to provide high quality, multi-disciplinary team-based care. Over the coming months, these cuts will eliminate the clinical pharmacist, nurse practitioner and most of the support staff. It will likely result in a return to fee-for-service payment for the doctors. For us as patients it means that many of things that we value most about Mid-Main could very well be lost: the team based, preventative approach to care, the longer visits when we have serious health issues, the extended hours of operation, the possibility of regular home visits if we are unable to come to the office. The group medical visits for patients with chronic conditions—one of the best loved and most successful of Mid-Main preventive health programs—will, in all likelihood, be ending in May.

These cuts make no sense to us – either as patients whose experiences with Mid-Main are consistently positive or as citizens who know that our larger health care system is under pressure. Mid-Main’s focus on prevention, and on supporting people with on-going health challenges, helps to keep us healthy and out of hospital. We believe that this is the kind of health care that all British Columbians deserve. Instead of downgrading the services offered by Mid-Main, we believe that Mid-Main should be expanded and used as a model more broadly across the province. Read more about us »

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